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Custom Axis Shocks
Custom Axis Shocks
Our Price: $2,100.00

When Custom Axis decided to build an air shock for ATV racing, we could have copied an existing design, used our superior materials and tighter tolerances, and still had the best shock available. Instead, we decided to take the concept to a new level. One of the most common complaints with other air shocks is roll stiffness versus plush suspension feel. In other words, on some other brands of shock absorbers, if you use enough pressure to prevent rolling in the corners, it feels too stiff everywhere else.

The Custom Axis Pro Air eliminates this trade off with our two separate air chambers. One chamber controls ride height and initial plush feel, while the other controls roll stiffness and bottoming resistance. This allows you to rail the corners yet still maintain control over braking bumps and choppy track surfaces.

Inside the air spring system is our race-proven hydraulic piggyback shocks. Based on years of development, this patent-pending shock absorber uses a volume of nitrogen or air to create the needed suspension spring rate and maintains a traditional hydraulic shock absorber at it heart.

Dual-stage air effect technology allows the user to independently tune ride height and spring rate for the ultimate in customization to track conditions and riding styles. Imagine having traditional spring shocks, a whole truckload full of tender springs, main springs, and crossovers, and imagine that you can change them in a few seconds without disassembling half of your front end. Now imagine you can't feel any of the friction and harsh steps of the springs and crossovers and that you don't seem to notice any hard bottoming out. Now you know what Custom Axis Pro Air shocks are all about..
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